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A detailed look inside the world of wills and probate

Fact of the matter is that a properly written Will is considered one of the most important legal documents that will ensure that all your assets and possessions will be allocated the same was as you wish in the event of your death. One of the biggest reasons that people make their Wills is the peace of mind that their loved ones will have no difficulty financially and will face no problem in smooth allocation of your assets in case of their death. Many people make their Wills to appoint a trustworthy guardian to look after their kids and their financial matters if they will not be alive to do by themselves. It will ensure that their kids who are below the age of 18 will face no difficulty after their death. Dubai wills are also the best way to make sure that all your final wishes and instructions will be fulfilled after your death.

Why the appointment of an executor is important for you

It is highly recommended for you to appoint an executor for your will. Make sure that you choose a person that you trust most and can rely on for the fair execution of your will. Executor will be responsible to manage your property, assets and other possessions according to your will. You can choose any family member, reliable friend or even a solicitor. Person that you will appoint as executor of your will have to apply to get a Grant of Probate. If you don’t know what Grant for Probate means, it is the official file that he will have to acquire from the concerned authority to manage your property and assets. You can also try this out

Procedure to obtain Grant of Probate

As we mentioned above that the executor that you will appoint to manage your assets will have to get Grant of Probate from the competent authority. To get Grant of Probate, executor will have to apply for it by submitting a will and Oath in front of concerned authority. Once the executor will get approval after undertaking the Oath, he will be fully responsible to manage all the properties and assets of the deceased and to pay all the outstanding taxes regularly.

There are a number of duties, responsibilities and functions that executor will have to comply with for the smooth management and allocation of your property and assets according to your Will. Try this out to get more information in this regard.