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Science-Proven Ways To Get Some Snooze

The science of getting proper sleep is as complex as trying to some sleep for insomniacs. A lot of these patients tried a couple of ways to get to bed early and try to catch some snooze – from drinking sleeping pills to putting new and comfortable furnishings from their trusted furniture shops in Dubai –  but to no avail. Some of them just gave up and became sleep deprived for the longest time.

But you don’t have to abandon science altogether to achieve a good night sleep. Here are some scientifically-proven ways to help yourself lull to sleep.


  • Change the bed

This is a common trick, but still some people manage to get it all wrong. Getting a new bed will not get you to sleep early, but getting the right one will. When changing your mattress, be sure to take into consideration certain factors that can help you pick the right one. Factors such as the type of sleeper you are, your weight, the firmness and softness that your body would adjust to, etc.


Once you identify all these factors, you can go to a couple of mattress shops in Dubai and tell the salesperson what you are looking for based on these factors. This would ensure that you are getting the right one for you.



  • Do not force yourself to sleep

Sleeping becomes stressful for some that they are forcing themselves to do it. But the trick is, don’t. If you find yourself stressing to sleep, just give up that fight and stay awake. Let your body system dictates your sleeping pattern as opposed to trying to shut your eyes to get some snooze. There are studies where insomniacs are given the task to stay awake but end up falling asleep. It is sort of a reverse psychology that might work for you.


  • Reset your mind

If you find yourself trying to do some shut eye but failing, get up on your bed and do something. This method would help your body to disassociate your bed from insomnia. At the right time, your body and brain will say that it is time to sleep. Just avoid electronic devices as they might keep you awake all night.


  • De-stress before going to bed

Stress can cause sleep deprivation. If you are stressed, do not attempt to go to bed. Instead, do some de-stressing techniques that would clear your mind and will help you relax.